How to Start a Landscaping Company?

How to Start a Landscaping Company?

A landscaping company can offer you terrific renovations to alter and modify the visible features of your surrounding area or land. This can include living elements along with gardening specialties to augment the aesthetic appeal of the landscape. Some of the top landscaping companies in the world would often provide their services for commercial and residential clients separately.

According to a recent study by, the landscaping services industry in the US generated around $99 billion with an average spend of $503 per household on lawn care and gardening activities. Furthermore, the industry has shown tremendous growth in the last six years with an increase of $69.8 billion in revenues since 2013.

All of this information might have piqued your interest and you may be wondering about how to start a landscaping business. Well, you are in luck as here is a quick guide that can help you grab onto the basics behind starting your venture.

Professional Qualifications & Certifications for Landscapers

It is important to note here that as per In the landscaping industry there are no formal qualification requirements to become a landscaper. Additionally, however, clients would often favor those who have a background or knowhow about amenity horticulture, chainsaw operations, and pesticide spraying. To pursue a career in the landscaping industry you can apply through an Apprenticeship.

However, if you are serious about building a professional resume than you can do the following:

·         Acquire a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture.

·         There are two types of undergraduate degrees: BLA (Bachelor of Landscape Architecture) and BSLA (Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture).

·         MA/MS in Landscape Architecture is more suited for persons who want to pursue research on landscape architecture. For the most part, a Bachelor’s degree is more than sufficient to pursue a professional career in landscaping.

·         Some of the best professional education institutes that can offer you qualifications ranging from Bachelor’s to Master’s and even a Doctoral, include:

o   Arizona State University

o   Michigan State University

o   Ohio State University

o   Pennsylvania State University

o   The University of Texas at Austin

o   University of Florida

Then some certifications can augment your image in front of clients even further such as:

·         Landscape Design Certification – APLD (Association of Professional Landscape Designers Certification)

·         Pesticide & Herbicide Applicator Certification – QAL (Qualified Applicator License)

·         Tree Care Certifications – ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborist

·         Water-Saving Landscape Certifications – QWELL (Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper), CLCA (California Landscape Contractors Association) Certified Water Manager, WWLP (Watershed Wise Landscape Professional), and RWSS (Recycled Water Site Supervisor).

The NALP (National Association of Landscape Professionals) formerly known as PLANET (Professional Landcare Network) is an organization that represents over 100,000 landscape industry professionals. It works in close collaboration with Landscape Industry Certified and the International Certification Council. It is therefore recommended that you become a member and affiliate yourself with the NALP.

Marketing and Promotion of a Landscaping Company

In this era of the World Wide Web where the internet and smartphones have infiltrated the masses, your easiest way to market and promote your business is through digital mediums. The first thing you need to do is get your business website up and running. But even before that, you should consider an affordable logo design for your venture. Both your website and logo will help you to create awareness regarding your services and assist you in differentiating from your competitors.

Furthermore, you should also consider creating and maintaining your presence on popular social media platforms. This can include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube. However, if you want to get hits from the local community then Google My Business is a great service. Own your business page and optimize it to the fullest to get maximum traction for local customers.

License Requirements for Landscapers

In most states, you are mandated to acquire a Landscape Contractor License which may differ from one state to another.  Then there are also General Contractor Licenses and Corporate Licenses. It is important to know that Landscaping Licenses are examples of business licenses and governmental permits that can differ from one municipality to another. Websites like Business Licenses by Avalara and Cover Wallet can offer you Landscape Licensing requirements by state.

Registering Your Landscaping Company

To officially start your business, you need to register your company with your State’s Revenue Agency. You will also be required to obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number) as well as a Federal Tax Identification Number. These can be easily acquired with the help of the IRS website.

I would also recommend that you apply for a separate Business Account and a Business Credit Card to keep your assets safe and secure. Another reasonable suggestion is to get your business insured to avoid complications in the case of an unforeseeable event.

Cost of Running Your Landscaping Company

A startup cost for your landscaping business can be anywhere around $250,000 which can include:

·         Landscaping equipment

·         office items, furniture, and stationery

·         Business registration fees

·         Leasing or buying a small office space

·         & utilities including phone and internet services

Wages and Salaries in the Landscaping Industry

According to PayScale the average annual salary for the Landscaping Services Industry is around $51,397. Salary per designation and job description are as follows: 

·         Landscape Designer - $45,000

·         Landscape Manager - $53,000

·         Operations Manager - $53,000

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 913, 480 workers are employed within the industry with a mean hourly wage of $14.88 and a mean annual wage of $30,940. However, people working in the 75%-90% percentile around $35,910 to $44,670 per year. Top paying industries include:

·         Investment Pools and Funds - $60,100 per year

·         Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation) $50,560 per year

Final Word

There is a lot to learn about the landscaping industry and you can start earning super-profits with your business in no time. You should consider attending public events such as Day of Service, National Collegiate Landscape Competition, PLANET Gives Back, LANDSCAPES, and expos to learn more. I hope this post was able to provide you with some meaningful insights as to how you can go about starting your own landscaping venture. Remember that working with high-profile clients can offer you brilliant opportunities just like in any other industry (such as  Food or Health Care) considering that you never compromise on your quality of work standards. All the best for your future endeavors, Cheers!!!
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