Breaking Down Some of The Most Brilliant Construction Logos

Breaking Down Some of The Most Brilliant Construction Logos


No matter how easy it may seem to an ordinary person, logo designing is immensely demanding. From typography to colors, there are a plethora of things that a logo designer has to take care of on a small canvas. On top of that, your final product needs to be creative and aesthetically pleasing in order to qualify as a great logo.


Like all expert logo designers, we believe that the use of different shapes and colors are among the most important factors of expert logo designing services. Additionally, the ability of a logo to convey a company’s job also tells how well-made it is.


Although a lot of companies like Logozila are doing justice to this art form, we believe that beginners and aspiring designers can use some guidance. For this reason, we have analyzed some great construction logos below.


Koch Homes

                                                                                                              KOCH Homes - Logozila

The logo of Koch Homes is a perfect example of a simple yet smart logo. The triangle is a widely popular shape in construction logos. When facing upwards, it is a symbol of success and prosperity and a representation of structural strength. The Koch Homes logo uses the shape brilliantly to show both stability and success and what the company does, i.e. build homes.


Newbies might not like the color choice here, but we believe that blue is a very smart choice. Blue stands for reliability and trust in the color theory. In a way, it signifies the proficiency of the company in building great homes.


SC Contracting Management

                                                                                                                      SC COnstruction Management - Logozila                            

Sometimes, subtlety is not a necessity in art. The SC Contracting Management logo focuses more on conveying its message than being stylish. Rectangular blocks are also commonly used in construction logos. They denote stability and strength, which is what people look for in buildings. Giving the feeling of rising to the top, the use of vertical lines here is apt.


The company offers construction services for many types of buildings, such as shopping centers and offices, and the shapes in the logo clearly convey that. New designers must have noticed the lack of color immediately. Although some of you may think it’s a bad choice, it’s actually pretty clever.


White represents much-needed simplicity and freshness. In a world full of colors, this logo will easily stand out from the rest. However, a little color wouldn’t have done any harm to the logo.


Counterpoint Projects Inc.

                                                                                                               Counterpoint Projects Inc - Logozila                                                     

Here, blue has been used to the maximum. In color theory, light blue is synonymous with trust, whereas dark blue is synonymous with skill. With multiple shades of blue, this logo enjoys the best of both worlds.


Another notable aspect of the logo is the use of vertical blocks in it. These blocks are a representation of firmness and stability, which is required from a construction company. Also, the blocks look like buildings, which signals what the company does.


                                                                                                                      Perali - Logozila

The Perali logo is a great combination of subtlety and simplicity. If you want people to recognize your brand, you must make use of visual puns. At first, the Perali logo wouldn’t tell the viewer everything about the company, which will make them put extra thought into the logo. Once they understand what the logo is about, they’ll remember it and the company for a long time.


Moreover, the use of dark blue and white makes the viewer trust the brand easily due to its expected expert-level skill and simplicity. The repeated use of vertical lines to form building-like structures creates a sense of success, power, and prosperity. When a viewer sees these lines, his eyes move up, which suggests growth.


Duracon Builders

                                                                                                                         Duracon Builders - Logozila

With no blocks and vertical lines, this ultra-modern logo of Duracon Builders defies all the norms of construction logos. It is clear that the designer has leaned more towards the abstract side of logo designing. This is why the designer didn’t put a lot of color in the logo.


In case the logo seems too complex to the viewer, the designer has spelled out the company name and job. The hammer at the core of the logo indicates that durability is the principal focus of the company. Although abstract art has a beauty of its own, it can be a little complex for some people.


Keystone Construction Services

                                                                                                                         Keystone Construction - Logozila

Since orange is a color of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth, the Keystone Construction Services logo quickly grabs one’s attention. The logo features an image similar to a masonry arch, showing how integral a keystone is to the structure.


The house in the logo is pretty obvious about the company’s line of work, i.e., building homes, among other things. The upward-facing arrow is a sign of growth and success, which aims to earn the trust of the viewer.


The importance of a logo is undeniable for businesses. If you are planning to start a business in the real estate industry, get in touch with us for a unique, highly attractive logo.

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