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Breakdown of Some Super-cool Photography Logos


No matter which country you belong to, all photography companies are the same. When it comes to logos, a photography company that doesn’t have a logo is a rarity. Logos are incredibly important in the photography world for various reasons. For instance, companies and photographers use logos for branding purposes. Also, they use the logos as watermarks in order to protect their works from unauthorized use.

Since they’re such an essential component of the photography business, the logos need to be designed by a professional. With expert logo designing services, a company can get a logo that suits their work and attitude.

If you hire a top-class logo designing company, such as Logozila, there’s a great chance that it would pay special attention to the color palette, font style, and claritythe most critical parts of photography logos. This can get a little complex for some of you, so we’ve decided to do a breakdown of some super-cool photography logos.


Shoot BetterSports

The Shoot Better Sports logo is plain and obvious, which makes it very easy to understand for new designers. Newbies should know that it’s not a great idea to have an abstract approach with photography logos. However, your logo shouldn’t be too on the nose either. Another feature that adds to the simplicity of the logo is its decent sans serif font.

The illustration of a camera and basketball player clears any doubt about the company’s specialty. Moreover, we believe that the use of the color yellow is worthy of extra points. This is because yellow, being a bold and cheerful color, is associated with confidence and optimism. It is repeatedly used in the logos of sports teams.

                                                              Shoot Better Sports


Photoshoot News

In logo designing, it doesn’t take a lot to create an ultra-stylish logo; however, it takes a lot of thought and talent to create a simple yet creative photography logo. The Photoshoot News logo is an example of the latter. The illustration of a camera and newspaper clearly conveys what the company really does.

To make it clearer, the designer has spelled it out for the viewer as well. The use of the conventional sans serif font tells us that the designer played by the book. Going for a monochromatic design is appropriate since the company deals with news-related photography. This makes it easier for the logo to be printed on various types of mediums.

                                                                 Photoshoot News


Tilted Tripod Photos

Unlike the first two logos in our list, the logo of Tilted Tripod Photos is more joyous and less to-the-point. The easygoing font style suggests that the company focuses on the photography of casual and/or private events.

Using a combination of orange and red can only benefit the company. Orange is the color of creativity, interest, and cheerfulness, whereas red is the color of passion, love, excitement, and life. To take the joy up a notch, the designer has added an illustration of the duopod with a camera, which is most likely a symbol of a cameraman.

                                                                Tilted Tripod Photos


Eureka Hyman

If you don’t know, the Eureka Hyman logo is a logotype. A logotype (also known as a wordmark) is a font-based logo that focuses on the brand name only. Wordmarks are a great choice if you’re new in the industry and have a distinct brand name.

The logo features a combination of block and cursive writing styles. The former demonstrates a simple and straight-forward attitude, while the latter provokes ideas of elegance, creativity, and femininity. Therefore, the logo has the best of both worlds. Since the brand is named after a person, a camera illustration is used to provide clarity.

Because the company only deals with a specific type of photography, the logo features a tagline for further clarification about the company’s work. As there is so much going on in the logo, the designer has aptly chosen a simple color combination.

                                                             Eureka Hyman

Harmon Boudoir

The photography logo is another smart wordmark that shows the company name ‘Harmon Boudoir’ in a custom font. The ‘Boudoir’ part, being more important since it shows what the company photographs, is written in a block style. On the other hand, the ‘Harmon’ part, since it’s written in cursive, does all the styling.

The logo looks simple at the first glance. However, when you look closely, you’ll notice the letter ‘O’ looks like a camera. Although interesting, this technique has been used many times in photography logos. The use of black background completes the look by giving the logo a feeling of boldness, mystery, and elegance.

                                                               Harmon Boudoir

Erika Bailey Photography

The Erika Bailey Photography logo is the first lettermark on our list. There are elements in the logo that indicate that it targets women. The logo uses a pink-colored script style font to spell the brand initials ‘EB.’

Pink and script style both are associated with femininity. The white background represents purity and peacefulness, which is important because the company specializes in birth photography. That being said, the logo can use some more clarity.

                                                                   Erika Bailey Photography


Although they are quite different from each other, all the above-mentioned photography logos are well-designed. Each logo shows how you can use the same elements to create an entirely different image with an entirely different message. We hope our analysis was helpful in explaining the intricacies of a photography logo to you.

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