6 Incredibly Stylish Fashion Logos

6 Incredibly Stylish Fashion Logos


Logos are extremely important in the world of fashion. A logo of a well-known brand can raise the price of a shirt by at least fifty percent. Apart from increasing the price, a logo acts as a brand ambassador that represents your company when you are absent. Without a logo, no business owner can imprint the image of their business in the minds of people.


Of course, such an important element has to be made with the utmost care and a lot of thought. Thankfully, with companies like Logozila, you can easily get professional logo designing services that would not only give you a logo that is attractive but is also unique.


To create an effective fashion logo, there is a large number of factors that a logo designer has to keep in mind. However, some factors are more important than others. These factors include color scheme, objects and symbols, fonts, and the overall style of the logo. To explain this to you in a better way, here is our expert analysis of a few amazing fashion logos.

Larve Beauty Lounge

When it comes to fonts, most women’s fashion brand logos use a cheery and stylish font type. That being said, this is not a rule. The designer has taken an unconventional approach here with the simple font.


Since the name doesn’t clarify who the target audience of the brand is, the logo designer has embellished the image with an illustration of a woman. The drawing is enclosed in a circle, which projects a positive emotional message. Moreover, the image is covered with curls, which tend to be viewed as feminine.


The pictorial mark uses a single color only, which is a smart choice. This is because a single color is very adaptive to different mediums. Finally, the overall style of the logo is quite decent. This is a great tactic to appeal to a wider range of people.



The Evonaven logo uses quite a decent font, but that doesn’t mean it’s a men’s brand. The heart, which is mostly associated with women, in the abstract mark tells us that the brand could be for women or men and women both. The curves in the mark also support this assumption.


The use of color is pretty interesting. The golden shade creates a feeling of glamour, luxury, and royalty, whereas the green background compliments the idea as it’s associated with wealth and money. With a highly sophisticated style, the Evonaven logo suggests that the brand targets women of different ages, preferences, and so on.



In logo designing, simpler and more straightforward fonts are trending nowadays. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Craze, a seemingly women’s fashion brand, uses an uncomplicated font.


The flamingo in the logo is a great example of a pictorial mark. With enough advertising, the mark can be an incredibly profitable element for the brand. Furthermore, the use of pink obviously suggests that the brand targets women. The overall feel of the design indicates that the brand focuses more on ultra-stylish products for women in their youth.


La Boite

The La Boite logo uses its initials ‘LB’ as a mnemonic device. This is called a letterform or letter mark, which is exclusively typographic. With only two letters to mention, the designer aptly chose a slightly complex font.


There are elements in the logo that suggest that the brand is for men or both genders. Being incredibly simple, the logo does not include any objects or symbols. Plus, the designer has used a single black color only. Lastly, the overall simple yet elegant look would appeal to a diverse target audience.

Closet Queen

The closet Queen logo is a nice example of a women’s brand logo. First, reading the brand’s name (Closet “Queen”) immediately tells you about the target audience. Also, the design and the font give the logo all kinds of curves, which clarifies any doubts about the target audience.


Additionally, the overall feel of the logo is extremely upbeat, lively, and chic. The illustration of a button in the logo indicates that it’s a clothing brand. Finally, the use of a single color is understandable because the logo has to be placed with different colors on different clothes.


Herman Johnson


Like the La Boite logo, the Herman Johnson logo also uses the letter mark technique. Since the logo contains only two letters, it can afford a slightly complicated font. In addition to that, the designer of the logo maintains a great balance between curves and edges, attracting both men and women.


Since the brand attracts both genders, the logo has to be placed over a wide range of colors. This is why the logo is monochromatic. As the brand appeals to a variety of people of each gender, the logo has to be styled in a more decent and widely acceptable way. In this area, the artist has done a great job. If you are planning to start a business in the fashion industry, you can take logo inspiration from this post!

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