How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business?

How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business?

Are you thinking about how to start a commercial cleaning business? 

Perhaps, you've just visited your doctor and got a new spark of inspiration. Maybe, you've come up with some amazing ideas about effectively cleaning and maintaining commercial buildings and plans.

If you’re planning to start a commercial cleaning business, here are a few facts and figures about the industry for 2020 that you should know first.

Market Size of Commercial Cleaning Industry

·         $2bRevenue increase by 2023

·         10%The Cleaning Industry Above-Average Growth in the USA

·         24%Cleaning Services Outsourced

·         36%Janitors Work in Buildings and Dwellings

·         $48bJanitorial Services Estimated Annual Revenue


But well, coming up with a business idea is easy. Contrary to that, planning and executing a business initiative is a rather tough and challenging task, especially when you start from scratch. There are fewer material resources, untested strategies, lack of expert staff, lack of financial resources, and shaky confidence.

That is perhaps, the very first challenge of your business journey, i.e., overcoming your fears and taking the leap of faith anyway. And for now, let us name that as Part A of your commercial cleaning business journey.

Part B comprises on-field planning and execution. While both these parts chiefly depend on you, here we have compiled a few essential steps to help you kick-start it.

Below, you will find steps about how to start a commercial cleaning business, which you can use as a basic outline of your plan.

Remember, customization makes your business stand out. Hence, we will advise you to pour in your very own ideas to make your business a big success.

Think it Through

Before starting any business, one must research and plan thoroughly. As business requires an initial investment, it is better to take each decision wisely. One wrong step can halt progress. Hey, worry not because here is how you must plan things for a commercial cleaning business!

Step 1 - Choose a Name for Your Commercial Cleaning Business 

A majority of people give little importance to names. However, selecting a catchy and interactive name can boost your business. People get compelled towards brands that reflect an identity. So, choose a business name that indicates your services while staying trendy.

Step 2 - Decide your Target Audience

As a commercial cleaning company, your ideal audience would be hustling and bustling restaurants, offices, doctor lounges, malls, or any crowded public place. Now, the reason you need to determine this is the fact that it will help you boost your sales phenomenally.

By reaching out to relevant people, the chances of getting more clients levels up. Given that you're a new company, you're likely to offer promotions and discount offers, which is yet another reason why most of your target audience would like to try your services out.

Step 3 - Do Detailed Competitor Research on Local Commercial Cleaning 

Competitors refer to the other cleaning services present in your vicinity. To succeed, you must perform better than them. Hence, before starting, research their business strategy.

Evaluate the cons of their services, and augment your business based on it. Also, incorporate new features to make your cleaning service unique in the already saturated market.

Step 4 - Do your Budgeting

No business makes progress without a good budgeting plan. Calculations matter the most.

For this very reason, you need to first calculate the amount you will need to invest initially. And make sure you sketch a detailed breakdown of this capital investment. Determine which expenditures are a priority and which can wait. Plan your following actions accordingly. Also, always keep a margin in the investment amount for backup purposes.

Spring to Action

Now that you have everything decided and planned, it is time to get things into action. Below, we have articulated the most essentials tasks you must get done to get your cleaning business running!

Step 5 - Obtain a COmmercial CLeaning Business Legal Status

First things first, make the existence of your startup official. You can do this by getting all the legal paperwork done. The most common sort of business registration happens to be in the form of a corporation, LLC (Limited Liability Company), and sole proprietorship. Choose the appropriate category and get your business name official so that it's all protected and official.

Step 6 - Get a dedicated Bank Account!

As you will be operating as a company, it is vital to get a dedicated bank account. It will cast a professional impression on the employees as well as the customers. Plus, it will help you separate personal finances from work and manage things better. Moreover, once your company gets established, you will hire a finance manager. And, you’ll make a bank account, so why not do it beforehand? 

Step 7- Stock Up the Supplies

You must stock up your required supplies once the bank account and the initial investment is available. In a cleaning business, you need mops, brooms, detergents, and several other items. After purchase, you can dedicate a small area or cabinet of your workspace for storage.

Step 8 - Gather your Team of Commercial Cleaners

Indeed, you need some experienced people to help you in the mission, don’t you? Well, then, let’s gather an amazing team!

Approach platforms/individuals and express your requirements. Make a detailed outline of the responsibilities that the member will have to abide by. Interview and select the ideal candidates. Having past experience in the commercial cleaning industry should obviously be a priority.

Befriend Internet

In present times, almost every business is generating sales online. The internet can give your business massive exposure and recognition. It can promote your cleaning services globally and make the revenue sky-rocketing!

Here’s how to do so;

Step 9 - Establish an Online Presence

You should begin by creating a page or official business account on social media platforms. These include applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, LinkedIn can be the most suitable platform for as your business is in the commercial cleaning space, a b2b model.

However, you must have a professional commercial cleaning logo to display your services on the front pages. Do not put-up poor-quality images because it will leave an undesirable impression on the audience. Get help from the best logo designing service.

Next, update impressive and compelling content regarding who you are as a company, what you do, and your services. Once done, you have established an online presence. Now, you must post regularly to keep it growing and running. Soon, it will bring in customers and create an online community for you to interact.

Step 10 - Get help from Professionals!

Unfortunately, creating a successful online presence on the Internet is not an easy job. There’s not much competition that it will take years before you could gather a decent amount of following.

Perhaps, this is why people opt for websites and digital marketing services. You can boost your virtual business with the assistance of a professional website development service. These experts have in-depth knowledge of algorithms and boosting your revenue.

Final thoughts

Finally, do a detailed analysis of each area of the commercial cleaning industry so you know how fruitful it can be. Build a team of experienced individuals because they will help you grow your business faster and smoother.

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