YouTube Logo History

YouTube Logo History

Do you know that YouTube Logo is considered one of the most recognizable logos in the world?

YouTube? Who doesn’t know about YouTube? YouTube is considered one of the most influential video hosting platforms in the world. Search the list of most used apps in the world; you will find YouTube ranked the third.

Founded in 2005, this video app has played a major role in entertainment for 16 years now. The YouTube logo is something you can see on almost every computer, smartphone, or tablet.

With around 342.3 million viewers, YouTube and YouTube Logo holds an interesting history.

The Foundation of YouTube

In 2005, a group of three friends, Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley, who were PayPal employees earlier, decided to open a dating site. This site would be different from previous sites in a way that it will allow people to post videos rather than photos. They believed that this way, others can get more data about people on the site.

At first, it was named ‘Tune in Hook Up”. As soon as it was launched, the owners realized that it would succeed more as a video-sharing app than a dating site. They then changed the name of this app, called it YouTube. The purpose of YouTube was changed and it was now a video sharing app.

Random Fact: Every day around 1 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube.

YouTube Logo Evolution Over the Years

YouTube logo changed around four times. There were a total of five YouTube Logos from its beginning till the present.

First Logo of YouTube- 2005

YouTube’s first logo was launched with YouTube itself. "You" was written in black text, while "Tube" was written in white text on a bright red rectangle with curved edges. It is said that this rectangle was shaped as classic television.

                                                                  YouTube Logo 2005

Second Logo of YouTube- 2011

Six years after the launch of YouTube, it changed its logo again. This time the bright red television-shaped rectangle changed its color to a dull and comparatively darker shade of red. This YouTube logo went pretty well with the trend of that time.

                                                                    YouTube Logo 2011

Third Logo of YouTube- 2013

YouTube switched to light red color once again. Not only this, the classic television-shaped rectangle changed too. First, it was a 3D-shaped rectangle with a shadow below it, but now it’s shaped changed to 2D again, and the shadow was removed. If I were to summarize this logo's looks, I would say it is plain but classy.

                                                                    YouTube Logo History 2013

Forth Logo of Youtube-2015

YouTube now changed its color to darker and dull red again. This shade of red presents exquisiteness. Also, it portrayed the trend and progress of the app.

                                                                   YouTube Logo History 2015

Fifth and Present Logo of Youtube-2017

In 12 years of launch, YouTube changed its logo completely. In all the previous years, changes were minimal, but YouTube managed to get competitors' attention this time.

                                                                  YouTube Logo History 2017

Although the color scheme was the same, the new logo had the trendiest look and portrayed the app's popularity.

The word “YouTube" was written in black, and "Tube" decided to eliminate that old-fashioned red rectangle with curved edges. However, the television-shaped rectangle decided not to leave the game.

The rectangle was converted into a play button. The bright red television-shaped rectangle had a small white triangle craved onto it while the word YouTube stood with it, all black and Helvetica font.

This change is considered the most noteworthy change to YouTube Logo History.

YouTube chose an excellent color combination throughout these sixteen years. This eye-catching fusion of red, black, and white portrayed this app's success and fame. On the other hand, the choice of Helvetica showed that YouTube logo makers preferred to keep writing simple.

Note: YouTube icon also kept changing as they changed their logo. Starting from the icon that was similar to its first logo, YouTube gradually changed the icon to a play button only. This play button is the same as that of the latest logo.


YouTube is the second most visited site in the world. do you know what makes a site popular? It is its logo. The logo is believed to be your brand’s first impression; something that attracts your customers.

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