Wix VS WordPress

Wix VS WordPress

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WordPress is unquestionably the most popular website builder we have. However, it is not the only one. Yes! Even WordPress has a competition. The real question; if the competition is close or WordPress still rules?

Wix is the most common website builder that is considered a rival of WordPress. Both of these make wonderful and pleasant-looking websites but they both are drastically different from one another. Their differences make them unique but it is also a reason for ongoing debate; which one of the two is better.?

The two big hitters in the crowd make it tough to choose one unless you do thorough research on both. In this infographic, we have tried to cover the major things regarding web development and how WordPress and Wix work. By the end of this comparison by Logozila we hope you’ll have a better idea of which platform is best for you.


Wix VS WordPress

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