Universal Studio Logo History – How it Evolved Over Time!

Universal Studio Logo History – How it Evolved Over Time, as a Studio and Logo!

Logos are undoubtedly one of the significant concepts of a brand that helps improve its recognition in the market and society. Today, if we look around, every small and big brand has a logo oriented towards their brand/business. With so much demand, we can easily find numerous innovative and unique logos used by different brands. One such example is the universal Studio logo of the present time. The Universal Studio is the oldest and one of the most famous Hollywood entertainment industry studios to date.

However, the journey of the logo has come here after plenty of innovations and changes. Back in history, logos were more basic and cliché for brands and businesses. We don't mean that most brands had the same logo, but today, the logo world has been highly enriched over time. We can say that most large brands have lived their fair share of logo revolutions.

From Pepsi to Universal Studios, all the most renowned brands have emerged from basic logos to extremely anticipating ones. Today, the presence of their unique logo makes them more trusted and recognized in the world. But we can't truly appreciate this journey without learning about how a company's logos have emerged over time, right? So why don't we go ahead and explore the Universal Studios Logo History below in detail? Are you excited about that? Then let's start the discovery!

Universal Studio's Logo History

The universal pictures company started on April 30, 1912. This company was found by Carl Laemmle, a German-Jewish immigrant who was settled in Wisconsin. Other than this company, Carl Laemmle also managed a clothing store in Wisconsin.

If we look into Universal Studios, this is the oldest studio present in Hollywood. In the year 1915, Carl Laemmle changes the universal pictures name to universal studios.

                                                                    Universal Logo History

Founds of the Universal Studios

                                                           Universal Logo 1964

After a few years, this studio merged with International Pictures (in 1946, making Leo Spitz and William Goetz the heads). After the merge, the Universal Studio was transformed into the Universal-International.

                                                                 Universal Logo 1964

Moreover, Decca Records acquired the Universal-International in the year 1951.

                                     Universal Studio Logo 1951

Later on, the Universal-International or Universal Studios was further purchased by the MCA in 1962, the Panasonic Corporation in 1990, the Seagram and Sons in 1995. After this, in 1996, MCA reincorporated the Universal-International and renamed the company Universal Studios.

The 75th-anniversary logo was announced in 1987-1997.

                                                         75th anniversary logo of Universal Studio

Universal Pictures marked 85 years of movie memories with a new logo and help from fantastic Jerry Goldsmith. Fast and Furious and Other movies were hit under this logo.

Furthermore, many other bands purchased the Universal-International over time. This cycle ended when Universal gained the distribution rights again from the 20th-century fox, which was effective in 2019.


Although the history of ownership of the universal Studios is vast, with multiple ownerships, the Universal Studio has still been a well-known entertainment studio. From being the first studio in Hollywood until today, Universal Studios is a well-known entertainment studio.

The universal studio is a Florida-based production studio. This studio's theme is based on the entertainment industry, and it is one of the largest film and TV production studios in the world. However, that's not all to Universal Studios' theme since this studio is also active in various active entertainment enterprises. All in all, this studio is a complete entertainment-packed studio that entertains the viewers in every way.

History of the First Logo of the Universal Studios

Besides the basic history of how the universal logo was found and how fast it has come as a successful entertainment industry, there is a lot more that went into Universal Studio's growth. One major factor of the Universal Studios that has amazingly evolved is the Universal Studios Logo History. From having a basic logo design to evolving into a more advanced and innovative logo, we can surely see how far the Universal Studios logo has come.

If we talk about the very first logo of universal studios, it was released in 1927. The logo designing of this first logo was a plane circling a spinning globe. Afterward, some cloudy rings around the planet were also introduced in the upgraded logo designs.

This first Universal Studios logo version was based on a black and white concept built by Alexander Golitzen. John Fulton did the photography of this logo. After this, the Universal Studios logo's next version was commissioned when the company merged with the International Pictures company.


Later on, the logo designing concept was introduced as the more advanced versions consisted of beautiful CG creations. The later version of its logo was more focused on presenting the realistic version of the Earth (just like the recent 100th-anniversary logo shows). In the present time, the last introduced logo of the Universal Studios is more like a realistic picture of the Earth – showing the universe in the most realistic form. Isn't that a great and qualitative transition?


Now we've discussed everything about how universal Studios completed its journey of 100 years. Whether it is in service, ownership, or logos, Universal Studios has come a long way. However, the biggest transition in this entertainment studio was found in its logo designing. Only if the designing concepts and techniques were advance at that time – this change would have been more easily adopted.

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