A Closer Look At Some Interesting Real Estate Logos!

A Closer Look At Some Interesting Real Estate Logos!

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All companies in an industry try to come up with unique branding strategies for many reasons. This is true for all companies in the real estate sector as well. In niche markets, logos have proved to be great visuals time and time again to create a company’s brand and authority. On top of that, well-designed and thoughtful logo designs attract people and make a place in the hearts of viewers and customers. 


In order to get a logo with such an impact, it is important to have your real estate logo created from a renowned logo designing company, for example, Logozila. A good designer from such a company would know the most important elements of real estate logos and pay special attention to them. These elements include the logo color, originality, and the ability to convey what the company does. In order to explain this further, here is a closer look at some well-made real estate logos.


Flippin’ Neighbors Real Estate Solutions

The Flippin’ Neighbors logo is a great example of a conventional real estate logo. First of all, the designer has used blue in it, which is widely popular in real estate logos. Actually, blue gives off a feeling of trust, dependability, and strength. The biggest names of the real estate industry usually have blue in their logos.



The use of white typography in combination with blue is a classic choice, which is incredibly impactful yet simple. Additionally, the logo features a rooftop with four windowsa common choice for real estate logos. Even though this hurts the originality of the logo, it clearly depicts what the company does.


Heartland Home Group

The Heartland Home Group logo is a remarkable mixture of traditional and innovative real estate logos. The use of green is an excellent choice that most real estate leaders make. The color represents fertility, growth, and stability. It creates a calm and tranquil feeling in the viewer. Simultaneously, it is a color of wealth.



The green is partnered with purple, which is a new and interesting choice that will surely catch a lot of eyes. Although the house illustration is a recurring element in real estate logos, the heart illustration that the designer took the company’s name is quite attractive.


Gorjian Acquisitions

Taking a relatively unconventional approach, the designer of the Gorjian Acquisitions logo has used the company name as the main design element. Here, the letter ‘G’that stands for Gorjiantakes the shape of a house with four windows, indicating the industry of Gorjian Acquisitions.



This illustration shows that logo designers have started mixing old with new while making real estate logos. Moreover, with the use of red, the designer creates a feeling of strength, bravery, excitement, and appeal. Red invokes passion and determination, so we can assume that Gorjian is a company that knows how to turn risks into returns.


The Morton Group

This logo perfectly explains that a typical approach to designing a logo is not always a bad idea as long as you put some creativity into it. The logo is mainly filled with dark blue, giving off a feeling of trust and dependability. Moreover, it allows the white typography to stand out and become more readable.



Furthermore, the illustration of a house with the ‘sold’ sign leaves no doubt that the company deals in real estate. If you’re still confused, the tagline clears it up. The yellow sun on the left is the most captivating thing about this logo. Not only that, but it also gives the viewer feelings of hope and growth.


Staged 4 Selling

Since the name of the company, in this case, is quite self-explanatory, the logo focuses less on explaining things and more on creativity. The logo, however, still clears up any confusion by showing a house right in the middle of the logo.




In recent years, logo designers have started challenging old notions and embracing the new. Consequently, pink has become a favorite among logo designers these days, and we love the result.  Another example of this is the unusual cursive font used in the logo to spell ‘selling’.


Kindler Real Estate

Top-class logo designing services, such as those of Logozila, would get you a logo like this one. With ‘real estate’ in your company’s name, you don’t have a lot of explaining to do in your logo. It looks like the Kindler logo designer knew this and used it as an advantage. One look at the red color of this logo gives you feelings of passion, excitement, and appeal.


By using the letter ‘K’ to incorporate the usual house illustration, the designer has done a unique and marvelous job at explaining what the company deals in. All in all, the Kindler Real Estate logo is our favorite from the list as it remarkably blends modernism with tradition and captures attention with its color.

If you are planning to start a business in the real estate industry, get in touch with us for a unique, highly attractive logo.

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