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Microsoft has grown to one of the most powerful technology corporations in the world. Microsoft corporation has been in the technology game for over forty years and counting. Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft has been growing drastically since then.

Not only this, the Microsoft’s logo has been displayed on countless personal computers and websites since 1975.

In addition to this, Microsoft is the largest company for software and applications. According to stats, Microsoft earned over USD 44.28 billion in 2020.


The Foundation of Microsoft

Microsoft holds an interesting history. Back in 1975, two childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen, planned to open a software company. They weren't concerned about completing their degrees, dropped out of Harvard University after their first year of studying, and chose to pursue their dreams instead.

Bill Gates had good know-how of technology, but unfortunately, he wasn’t a programmer. He appointed a programmer who was dictated to create a simple operating system for IBM computers. When made, he managed to convince the CEO of IBM that he had a powerful operating system that will boost IBM's business sales overnight. In return, he needed full rights to that particular operating system.

IBM's CEO agreed to it, claiming that "the future of technology is in hardware and not in software." Little did he know.

Microsoft Logo Evolution Over the Years

Soon in 1975, Microsoft managed to be on the top of technology companies. They then turned their energies towards effective logo designing. Microsoft Logohistory is as interesting as the start of Microsoft itself.


First Logo of Microsoft; Concentrically lines and Curved Edges.

The first logo of Microsoft was created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, of course. They designed it in 1975 using a programming language. It was fashionable for that time.

You may not call that logo fashionable now, but things were different back then.

Made with a font similar to Aki Lines Font this Microsoft logo stayed in use until 1980.

                                                          Microsoft First Logo

Second Logo of Microsoft

Designed in 1980 by Simon Daniels, the Microsoft logo was written in New Zelek font this time. This logo changing attempt was made keeping in mind the current graphic market trend. The theme was monochrome, and this Microsoft logo lasted for 2 years.

                                                     Microsoft Second Logo

Third Logo of Microsoft; The Blibbet.

It is 1982, and Microsoft decided to change its logo for the third time.

Named as The Blibbet, Microsoft’s third logo lasted for five years. This logo was changed for the same purpose; to get a modern image for the company. The green background emphasized center "O," which appeared to look like a CD, and Sans Sarif Font summarizes Microsoft's third logo.

                                                       Microsoft Third Logo

Forth Logo of Microsoft; The Packman Logo

5 years later, back in 1987

This time, Microsoft's logo was mapped out by Scott Baker. According to Scott, this logo conveyed "motion and speed." Helvica Black Font was used for writing design, and the logo was italicized. Now, "O" was not emphasized, but a white triangle was cut out from the letter "O." Microsoft used this logo until 2012.

(Later, a slight change in the logo was observed. The change was almost invisible. Only the letter “M” of the word Microsoft was changed) 

                                                        Microsoft 4th Logo

Fifth Logo of Microsoft

Microsoft changed their logo for the fifth time on 23rd August 2012. Jason Wells designed the logo with the same purpose; to enhance visuals and stay in the current trend.

This time Microsoft chose not to use a thick black font with slight details, unlike other times it designed a logo. Instead, they used a gray simple font in addition to a four-colored, geometric symbol. The font used is Segoe Font. When talking about their latest logo, Microsoft said that the font they used was the same font they used in their products and media communication.

Let me tell you the Microsoft Logo’s four colors; the red square stands for Microsoft PowerPoint. The green color represents Microsoft Excel. The blue color represents Microsoft Word, while the yellow color stands for Outlook.

To summarize, the colors present the company's diverse product range.

                                                         Microsoft 5th Logo

This time, Microsoft logo history may not repeat itself because it is expected to stay longer than other logos.


Every day, there are millions of companies established. They use logos as their first impressions. Designing an effective logo can be a cumbersome task is especially when you're new to this field. Obviously, your duty is to make your startup work and not design a logo until, of course, you are a logo designer, a professional one.


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