The Inspiring History behind Huawei’s Logo

The Inspiring History behind Huawei’s Logo

There is no doubt that a logo is an essential part of whichever business we talk about. It is the chief visual illustration of a company. What makes it the most powerful marketing weapon? Your logo symbolizes the goal you want to achieve with your company. That is why we are taking you back to the history of this top brand. 

Huawei's logo perfectly conveys the mission it was made for. No matter where you live, there is a 100% chance of you at least hearing the name of this brand. 


What Makes It the Highest Smartphone Seller Brand Around the World?

This multinational Chinese company manufactures wireless telecommunication networks to rule the world of technology. Huawei sells wireless routers, switches, fiber-optic, and cables to stretch the communication signals across the entire globe. In short, you name the device and they make it. Including, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and semiconductors for better use of data. Their service is just like using any other web services with additional google and Microsoft features. 


In this way, Huawei has brought together the user’s dream into a single unit. Before taking a tour through the history, we will discuss the structure of their company. This company comprises of three main business sectors. The first and foremost component of which is the telecom network which is a house of networks and services for telecommunications.


Logo designing around the principle of evolution. Huawei took it seriously. They have changed three times over the time-span of more than three decades. As sticking through the same idea limits of growth, they expand their services as per consumer’s needs. This is how it is one of the major corporations worldwide that are producing telecommunication equipment.

When the brand was created, they use to manufacture phone switches only. However, today, they have telecommunications networks, operational services, and equipment in their country. Besides that, in 2014, they introduced their mobile phone in Europe. Currently, approximately 190,000 employees are delivering their extraordinary work to Huawei.


The Meaning behind the Huawei Logo

In the year 1987, an engineer named Ren Zhengfei turned his vision into existence by founding this company. It was the same time around which the first logo was created. 

The symbol shows the character that forms the word Huawei that is a Chinese word in origin. The meaning of this word is a flower. This flower contains several petals that are red. To make it similar to the emerging sun, they are all in the upward direction. 

                                                                      Huawei Logo


There is another aspect of the logo. It focuses on displaying an image from which electromagnetic radiations are released by a source, such as an antenna. That makes sense because this is the best depiction of a company’s emblem that excels in telecom services.

If we break the word, in the Chinese language, Hua means petal or extravagant. The other syllable that is present in the name Huawei means accomplishment or act.

In 2006, when the brand decided to modify it, the size of these petals became wider. As a result, we saw a sharp angle with a decreased number of petals. By this year, a 3-dimensional effect was presented to make the movement of the flower more distinguishable.


                                                         Huawei Logo Evolution 

Moreover, the recent emblem has one difference from the old one. In 2018, the designers changed the color from a darker to a cooler shade of red while the lettering remains the same.

In addition to the above, there are other factors that add to the values associate with this company.


The humble tone and symmetrical shape of the symbol show the flexible attitude of their company. Once the brand was able to gain the trust of their clients, they became extra cautious with every decision. Similarly, they maintained their top-notch service by the superb balance.

In any business, whether it's big or small, this attitude matters the most. Otherwise, with one careless move, all the hard work you did for years may not have any encouraging result. 


Dedication to the Customers

On the bottom center of the sign, the shape emphasizes forming lasting value for their clients. Learning from your blunders brings clarity about your motives. So, within the organization, they make adjustments to every characteristic when they lack in a department.


Revolutionary Plans

Huawei has transformed, secures, and stores information and data for you with its innovative and personalized devices. They uncover every answer to satisfy their customers. In the long run, the experts predict that they are prepared to face all the challenges. More than half of the total workers concentrate on the need of the customer. Because of this, they have not failed to seize the opportunities in years.



In the 30-year journey of this company, the trust of the customers was gained with time. To avoid situations from going wrong, they changed their work ethics regularly with the altering circumstances of the market. Like the founder of Huawei, you can turn your idea into reality.

This story is a classic example of making a way through the most competitive industry with time management skills and performance. Their efforts are sufficient to prove their loyalty to the customers. 

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