Ford Logo History

Ford Logo History

A logo is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of business promotion. Whether it's a new small-scale business or a large-scale business already set up, they all need a logo for proper advertising. What makes a long highly crucial for any organization is its recognition. Besides, with different organizations/businesses being a part of the same industry, it can be easier to differentiate between them with their unique and professional logo. 

But that's certainly not an essential part of a business's recognition and growth in the market. While a logo can offer identification to a company, the evolution and upgrades in the logo help a business to show its development over time. Considering this, if we talk about Ford, it is also a well-known brand in this category. The Ford company's outstanding growth has made its logo transform several times and evolve into a more modern and attractive logo. To better understand, let's go ahead and have a detailed overview of how Ford Logo has evolved and improved with time. 

The Creation of Ford’s First Logo and its History

Ford is a car manufacturer company, which was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford. While the early days of ford's manufacturing encountered plenty of failures and complications in the company, Henry Ford was focused on adding a revolutionary change in the transport world with his manufactured models. This successful revolution in the transport world from Ford began with Model T. This vehicle model arrived in 1908. 

What made Ford a successful part of the transport world was it's unique working/manufacturing of vehicles. This method included chain work, which was later referred to as 'Fordism' - a unique way of manufacturing vehicles than any other company didn't adopt at that time.

The fact that made this manufacturing process unique and successful was the benefits that came along. These benefits included reduced construction cost and increased production. Additionally, this method introduced highly affordable Ford vehicles, which were affordable for the Ford employees themselves.

Following this method, the Ford company encountered drastic growth with its innovative and unique vehicle designs over time. This growth introduced various successful vehicle models in the vehicle world. Today, Ford has grown to be one of the largest automakers with General Motors, Toyota, and Volkswagen's successful models.

While this was the history and evolution of Ford in its manufacturing area, the company's identity was also more familiarized with time. A major cause of this popular recognition was the change in Ford's logo – which kept evolving until 2003. While the last Ford logo was designed in 2003, there have been various changes in its logo since its beginning. 

The Initial Years of Ford Logo Designing

In total, there were 11 different phases of logo designing for Ford. Each of these logo designing eras for Ford introduced different logo designs. However, most of them looked similar, as there were only transitions in the color, volume, or font of Ford in its logos. For a clearer idea, let's explore the different phases of logos in ford's history. 

Ford Logo 1903 – 1907

The first time Ford had a creative logo designing recognition for its company was a logo of a rounded badge in a frame with leaves and curves. The badge in this log was black, and it had a white inscription with white framing. The letters in this logo had an arched shape with a bold sans-serif font placed in a wave.

Ford Logo 1903 - 1907

Ford Logo 1907 — 1909

After the previous logo, Ford changed its logo with a simple and contemporary design of an eye-like shaped logo. This logo was rhombus and had rounded, smooth angles with Ford written in bold black font. The color palette of his logo was metallic-grey and black. This logo stayed with the company for two years only.

Ford Logo 1907 - 1909

Ford Logo 1909 — 1911

The next change in Ford's logo designing was encountered in 1909. In this logo, Henry ford added his signature for the company's visual identity. This signature is repeated in the later designs - with only a little modification with the frame and colors. 

In the 1909 logo, Ford's lettering was seen with an elongated tail of 'D.' This logo was designed in a monochrome that had no frame.

Ford Logo 1909 - 1911

Ford Logo 1911 — 1912

After the previous logo, the Ford logo was designed in 1911 with the company signature enclosed in a double horizontal oval design. In this design, the company also included an inscription of "The Famous Motor Cars" around the signature perimeter.

Ford Logo 1911 - 1912

Ford Logo 1912 — 1917

Now comes the most interesting logo version of Ford. This version encounters the same features that the company's logo has in the present. The only difference is that the logo of 1912 had no blue badge. Instead, that time's logo was executed in white color, with a delicate tagline of "The Universal Car." While this design had an unusual shape, it stayed with the company for almost five years.

Ford Logo 1909 - 1911

Ford Logo 1917 — 1927

After a five-year gap, the company encountered another redesign in its logo with a minimalistic design. In this design, the company signature was designed in a white oval and surrounded by a thin frame. This logo was very simple and elegant, which was why it stayed for the next ten years.

Ford Logo 1917 - 1927

Ford Logo 1927 — 1957

After a gap of ten years, the new design of the Ford logo consisted of changing colors. The colors were blue and white, with additional thick white and thin blue lines on its frame. A later advanced and more vibrant version of this logo is used as the Ford Company's present logo.

Ford Logo 1927 - 1957

Ford Logo 1957 — 1961

In 1957, the badge of the company's logo was redesigned with a rather extended oval. Additionally, it also had bolder letters with elongated lines design. Apart from that, the logo also had an intense shade with two thin white and two thin blue lines on the frame.

Ford Logo 1957 - 1961

Ford Logo 1961 — Today

The next change in this company's logo was encountered in 1961, and this design stayed for almost 15 years. This logo is still in use for the company's logo as the secondary logo. This logo was redesigned in 1961 had a script nameplate located in the middle of the blue oval design. This oval also had a thick white frame.

Ford Logo 1961 - Today

Ford Logo 1976 — 2003

While the concept of the 1961 logo is what we can see Ford representing to date, there was a slight change in its logo in the middle too. This change was introduced in 1976 and had a three-dimensional design with a switch from white to silver. The badge's surface was also given a gloss, with a darker gradient shade added to the blues in the logo.

Ford Logo 1976 - 2003Ford Logo 2003 — Today

Lastly, the final version of Ford Automobile's logo was designed and implemented in 2003. This version looks similar to 1961 version, but it had more volume and light. The lettering in the logo was also given a delicate shadow with a blue gradient background. This alive, dynamic, and equally sophisticated look is the present logo of the company since 2003.

Ford Logo 2003 - Today

Final Words

While the Ford Automobile logo encountered various transitions over time, the present logo perfectly defines the company to its clients globally. 

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