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Top 15 Photo Retouching Services to Eliminate Implications from a Photo

Do you know that retouching in the USA can be charged $50 to $150 per hour? Yes, photo retouching can be more expensive than photography itself. This is because of the fact that it requires a comprehensive skill set of technical knowledge to make a simple photograph into Read More

What equipment do you need to start a Graphic Design Business?

Being regarded as one of the top skills of today’s time, graphic designing is an extraordinary art that you can certainly learn. And with that learning, one can reap unexpected earnings every single day. In accordance with facts and figures, the average salary of freelance graphic des Read More

Which Research Design Is Suitable For A Company That Is Rebranding?

You must have seen that in today’s time we have an abundant number of companies operating on various scales. Does that mean rebranding would not happen with companies with large scale objectives? This is not the case. In fact, the concept of rebranding comes from re-newing the market Read More

Importance of a Logo Design for Your Business!

One of the most important elements that highlight your business is the logo of your business—in fact, it is one of the sole things that give away the message upon which your business was found. The purpose of your logo should be clear; it s Read More

The Amazon Logo: History and Design Elements


If we talk about the billion-dollar industries of the world, it is impossible not to include Amazon. Not only is Amazon a tech-g Read More

Microsoft Logo History - Logozila

Microsoft has grown to one of the most powerful technology corporations in the world. Microsoft corporation has been in the technology game for over forty years and counting. Founded in 1975 by Bi Read More

Lego logo History—Charting the Incredible Growth of Lego


For all the organizations around the globe, the use of logos to build a presence is quite common. That is why every company has a dedicated team to perform this task. To simplify the identification of a brand, an ic Read More

The Inspiring History behind Huawei’s Logo

There is no doubt that a logo is an essential part of whichever business we talk about. It is the chief visual illustration of a company. What makes it the most powerful marketing weapon? Your logo symbolizes the goal you want to achieve with Read More

The Disney Logo: History, Evolution, and Popularity

It is hard to imagine someone in the 21st century who hasn't heard of the household entertainment name: Disney. Involved in the production of magical realms since 1923, Disney is still the unconflicted king of the Read More

Universal Studio Logo History – How it Evolved Over Time, as a Studio and Logo!

Logos are undoubtedly one of the significant concepts of a brand that helps improve its recognition in the market and society. Today, if we look around, every small and big brand has a logo oriented towards their brand/business. With so much demand, we can easil Read More

Burger King Logo Designs Journey!

Who doesn't love Burger King's Whopper? Burger King is not only the star chain of fast food but also renowned for its unconventional marketing. 

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YouTube Logo History

Do you know that YouTube Logo is considered one of the most recognizable logos in the world?

YouTube? Who doesn’t know about YouTube? YouTube is considered one of the most influential video hosting Read More

Ford Logo History

A logo is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of business promotion. Whether it's a new small-scale business or a large-scale business already set up, they all need a logo for proper advertising. What makes a long highly crucial for any organization is its rec Read More

AT&T Logo History

Since a logo helps a brand or business introduce itself in front of its audience, it's one of the most crucial identification factors for any business. While a unique name may make a business different from others, the logo gives every business a face.

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McDonald's Logo History

The absence of a logo in any business may make the industry seem incomplete. Like any brand, the logo is more like the face of a business. Without a logo, a company may not be able to go very far in the industry. Whether it's a makeup brand or a small-scale cate Read More

Pizza Hut Logo History

Are you entering the food industry with a small scale or large-scale business? You might be familiar with the basics of what makes a business get better publicized in the industry. From Read More

Pepsi Logo History

Some brands stick in the mind of people. And, today, we will talk about a brand that is a great example of that. After hearing the brand name Pepsi, we all think of a drink that has been around since forever. This is because, with the logo desi Read More

Sonic the Hedgehog Logo & Branding

Over the years the gaming industry has become really competitive and fortunately, the brands have been successful in maintaining the game's heat among the audience. Sega and Nintendo are the two most established names in the gaming realm that have existed sinc Read More

Red Bull Logo History

Red Bull origins goes all the way to Thailand where an Australian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz came across a strange yet eccentric drink enjoyed by the locals. Fortunately, Materschitz had some connection with the drink manufacturer and en Read More

Netflix Logo History


“Every great film should seem new every time you see it.”

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Logo History of Monopoly: The Story of Your Favourite Board Game

We play games to enjoy our time. Nevertheless, Monopoly is the one and only game that can make you feel guilty. Even if you play it on a lucky day when you are winning the game, you may feel a little sorry for taking all your m Read More

How to Start a Property Management Company?

Because of being lucrative, there is a constant rise in the popularity of the property management industry. There are more than 280,000 property management companies in the United States that raise the revenue of a whopping $88 billion for the industry.

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How to Start an Interior Design Business?

Why You Should Consider a Career in Interior Designing?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you might have come across this phrase. However, an interior designer does the opposit Read More

How to Start a Construction Company?

How to Start a Construction Company?

Construction is one of the top industries in the US, so owning your private Read More

Breaking Down Some of The Most Brilliant Construction Logos


No matter how easy it may seem to an ordinary person, logo designing is immensely demanding. From typography to colors, there are a plethora of things that a logo des Read More

How to Start a Landscaping Company?

A landscaping company can offer you terrific renovations to alter and modify the visible features of your surrounding area or land. This can include living elements along with gardening specialties to augment the aesthetic appeal of the landscape. Read More