Burger King Logo Designs Journey!

Burger King Logo Designs Journey!

Who doesn't love Burger King's Whopper? Burger King is not only the star chain of fast food but also renowned for its unconventional marketing. 


Burger King was founded by four great people named David Edgerton, James McLemore, James Duncan Rae, and William R Jarvis in 1945. Since then, they have presented for us some GREAT food and even GREATER marketing tactics. And, a good logo is an indication of great marketing.


About the burger king logo 

The international fast food chain updated its logo into a simpler version. Yet, it successfully conveys the message of being the absolute best. Burger King has redesigned their logo design over the past decades. 


Burger King's first logo


From 1953 to 1954, Burger King had a monochrome, minimalist logo with a semi-sun image (looks more like a sunrise, or sunset), although the triangles are more pointed than they should be. BOLD capital words were written below the sun. It was more of a bland logo as compared to the new updated version of their logo. But for their times, this was a friendly and unique logo. 

                             Burger King First Logo

Burger King's second logo

As Sans Serif became the new cool, Burger King decided to redesign their logo in 1954. This logo had just text written in a straight line with INDIVIDUAL font, without any deep addition to details. The two words are separated by a dash excluding the space between them. Also, the end of "R" is shortened and the "U" of BURGER is square-ish here. The black and white-colored logo had a bit of a shadowy touch. It looks a bit bland too and doesn't seem suitable for a burger outlet. However, this logo only lasted for 3 years only. 

                           Burger King Secon Logo 

Burger King's third logo

In 1957, Burger King decided to go bright and colorful. This logo has a cute cartoon of a King sitting on literally the burger (which is depicting itself as of a throne). The color palette contains loads of orange, yellow, and a mixture of different colors. We are loving this logo, it is perfectly apt for the face of the brand. We also loved the choice of funky typeface. The additional line of "Home of the Whopper" makes it even better. This logo lasted until 1969. 

                             Burger King Third Logo

Burger King's fourth logo

Now we are talking fancy! This logo has all the elements to make it an iconic logo. If you see it for the first time, you'll instantly develop a liking for it. This is another 360° u-turn in their logo design. But, the color palette consists more of a mustard yellowish color along with red. The letters become bolder and more prominent. Introducing their famous bun in 1969, this logo always had the potential of becoming a super hit. 

                                   Burger King Fourth Logo

Burger King's fifth logo

It is more of a minor color alteration in the logo design. The typeface becomes better here, with more of a traditional touch. The only color that changes here in this logo is the mustard buns were changed to an orange-ish shade. The fonts are BOLD Sans-Serif with round edges. Like it's font, the logo also depicts funkiness with a drop of confidence. The logo remained on their front face until 1999. 

                             Burger King 5th Logo

Burger King's sixth logo

In logo designing, solid colors are known for making an impression. The logo is in a diagonal angle with the same legendary buns, now with a bit of shine on them. The RED all-caps text is the cherry on the top. In this updated version, a new Blue shade in a C shape is added to the logo. The angel is sharp yet sleek and stylish. This logo remained till 2020. We tend to like this logo, but it doesn't seem Burger King's creative team did. 

                                                          Burget King 6th Logo

Burger King's new and updated logo

As the world enters into the new year, Burger King decided to come up with the same old logo design from 1999 with a little twist. The light whitish cream color is added to the color palette. The design remains pretty much the same, with an increase of light cream-colored background. 

This new logo excludes the blue shade completely and the shine on the burger was stated to be an absurd idea by their creative team. As they said, buns don't shine, we are glad that they have realized it after two decades. 



International burger chains have diverse and creative minds in their marketing and design teams. We see a variety of logo designs and alterations made by the fast-food chain. However, Logozila tends to like the colorful ones more because they are more relatable to the brand's witty marketing and funky image. 


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